P. O. Box 1888 807 A Suite 204 S. Jackson Street   Jacksonville, Texas 75766

Tel. No.

(800- 880- 5918







District Chair and Precinct Chairs Cherokee County,  Texas 

Bill Crowley, County Chair

Mary Brown, Treasurer

Madeleine Ross, Secretary

Voting District 0012

Precinct 12

Chair: Tom Colkin

Tel#: 903-721-3146  Email

Voting District 0013

Precinct 13

Chair: Pending

Tel#:     Email:

Voting District 0014

Precinct 14

Chair:  John Ross

Tel#:  903-586-1434  Email

Voting District 0015

Precinct 15

Chair: pending

TeL#:  Email

Voting District 0022

Precinct 22

Chair:  Greg Allbright

Tel#: 903-343-9682  Email: 

Voting District 0023

Precinct 23

Chair:  Kate Crain

Tel#:  936-652-7117  Email 

Voting District 0024

Precinct 24

Chair:  Janice Thacker

Tel#:  903-721-9118   Email

Voting District 0025

Precinct 25

Chair: Pending

Tel#:   Email: 

Voting District 0026

Precinct 26

Chair: Pending

Tel#:     Email:

Voting District 0027

Precinct 27

Chair: Terra Thacker

 Tel#:   Email: 

Voting District 0028

Precinct 28

Chair:  Pending

Tel#:   Email: 

Voting District 0032

Precinct 32

Chair: pending

Tel#:       Email

Voting District 0033

Precinct 33

Chair: Vacant

Tel#:      Email:

Voting District 0034

Precinct 34

Chair: Vacant

Tel#:   Email

Voting District 0035

Precinct 35

Chair: Joseph Steagall

Tel:  903-216-6978  Email

Voting District 0036

Precinct 36

Chair: Marlene Jowell

Tel#: 903-279-7815 Email

Voting District 0037

Precinct 37

Chair: Pending

Tel#:  Email: 

Voting District 0038

Precinct 38

Chair: Vacant

Tel#:       Email:

Voting District 0042

Precinct 42

 Chair: Vacant

Tel#:    Email:

Voting District 0043

Precinct 43

Chair: Pending

Tel#:   Email: 

Voting District 0044

Precinct 44

 Chair: Pending

Tel#:   Email

Voting District 0045

Precinct 45

Chair: Jerry Halpain

Tel#: 903-854-4336  Email

Voting District 0046

Precinct 46

Chair: Barry Read

Tel#: 310-210-7226   Email

Voting District 0047

Precinct 47

 Chair: Pending

Tel#:   Email: 

Voting District 0048

Precinct 48

 Chair: Pending

Tel#:    Email:

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Map of Cherokee County,  Texas Precincts

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 Mary Brown, Treasurer

P. O. Box 1888

Jacksonville, Texas 75766


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